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Cool Batman Costume Ideas

Choose from a wide variety of costume replicas when dressing up as your favorite crime-fighting superhero, Batman.

Bruce Wayne, the filthy rich American, is the alter-ego of Gotham City's caped crusader. Batman is a DC Comics comic book superhero that made his first appearance in 1939! Believe it or not, he was originally referred to as "the Bat-man."

With the help of his partner, Robin, and police commissioner, Jim Gordon, Batman fights various villains in the fictional city of Gotham City. Some of his arch-enemies include: the Joker, the Riddler, the Penguin, Two-Face, Poison Ivy, Catwoman and Scarecrow.

Bruce Wayne lives in the mansion known as Wayne Manor where he is assisted by his butler, Alfred, and beneath the mansion lies a series of secret caves, known as the Batcave. His main vehicle is an imposing black car that is affectionately referred to as the Batmobile - but he is also known to use his Batplane (or Batwing), Batboat and Batcycle.

Bruce Wayne is a mask I wear, that I've been wearing since I was a child… but it's become a liability, so it's over. Bruce Wayne and his troubles aren't my concern anymore. The only thing that matters now is my mission. Nothing will stand in the way anymore.

Batman's outfit has changed through the years, but here are some helpful costume suggestions:

  • The Classic Look: Gray bodysuit with gold belt, blue boots, blue gauntlet gloves, a blue mask and blue cape
  • The Dark Knight Rises: Black bodysuit with gold Batman belt, black boots and gauntlet gloves, a black mask and black cape

Some actors who have famously portrayed Batman on TV and in the movies include: Adam West (TV Batman), Michael Keaton (Tim Burton's Batman and Batman Returns), George Clooney (Batman & Robin), Val Kilmer (Batman Forever), Christian Bale (Batman Begins, The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises) and coming soon, Ben Affleck (Batman vs. Superman).

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