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Candy Crush's Mr. Toffee Costume with Real Candy Crush Candy

by Danny Epperson
(Norfolk, Virginia)

Candy Crush's Mr. Toffee Costume with Real Candy Crush Candy

Candy Crush's Mr. Toffee Costume with Real Candy Crush Candy

Candy Crush's Mr. Toffee Costume with Real Candy Crush Candy
Mr. Toffee's Candy Crush Costume

Candy Crush's "Mr. Toffee" Costume with Real Candy Crush Candy

I play the wildly popular video game Candy Crush on my cell phone and one day while I was thinking of ideas for a Halloween costume, I realized the answer was in the palm of my hand! Candy Crush!

I like to be trendy and contemporary (last year I was Homeless Big Bird) and so I figured... Candy Crush!

The main character of the game is "Mr. Toffee" - he's the guy you see pointing where to go along the Candy Crush route. And so, my "real-life" Candy Crush challenge began.

My first stop was a local thrift store to see what clothing was available. At the thrift store I purchased a long red, velvet coat, red vest, and blue pants. Each needed modifying to match the character's outfit.

I modified them through trimming, cutting, stitching, hot glue, and also added a pocket for a white hanky, added blue material for details with the sleeves, the lapels, and inside liner of the coat. I took some old mid-sized metal buttons and covered them with gold material for the hinges.

I purchased a wild-haired, red wig which I shaped to match the character as closely as possible. I also used parts of the wig to make a mustache, eyebrows, and a goatee to affix with spirit gum

I purchased an all-blue tie. I purchased a "tiny" red hat from an online "tiny hat store" that I modified and added a blue ribbon of material

I purchased cartoon character hands/gloves that I painted with flesh-tone acrylic paint. I purchased a monocle. I added "spats" to my black shoes with hot glue and used white felt (the character's shoes cannot be seen in this photo).

But my costume wouldn't be complete without Candy Crush Candy.

While it's not sold in stores (yet), I scoured online candy stores, searching for candies that "matched" those used in the game. I found them after searching and searching and purchased candy that EXACTLY matched some of those used in the game.

In some of the batches, I had to pull out the appropriate pieces (green Chiclets, yellow Cry Baby Tears, etc.) and then I mixed them and bagged them up to give out to friends from my two side pockets.

The photo above shows a side-by-side comparison of the character and myself in costume, along with the candies I purchased and gave out

In all, I spent about $150 on my costume and candy and at least 12 hours of hard work. What fun! Thanks for considering!

Danny Epperson
Norfolk, Virginia

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