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Cool Dog Candyland Costumes

by Bonnie and Beth
(Plainview, NY)

Gryphon as King Kandy and Phoenix as Princess Lolly

Gryphon as King Kandy and Phoenix as Princess Lolly

Gryphon as King Kandy and Phoenix as Princess Lolly
King Kandy by his Castle
Princess Lolly in the Lollipop Woods
Making Cookies for the King Kandy Costume

The game of Candyland has come to life. Gryphon is King Kandy, standing in front of his special Candy Castle. Phoenix is Princess Lolly, living happily in the Lollipop Woods. The pair are standing on the Candyland gameboard, all ready for the game to begin!

We’ve always loved the Game of Candyland and thought it was so cute and fun. Maybe that’s because we've always loved candy in general. Not even so much eating it, although that's always fun, but just the look of it. Candy is so pretty and colorful, it makes a good decoration by itself.

We've seen candy used to make worlds or scenes a lot of times, like in “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” and in “The Big Rock Candy Mountain” song, and of course the game of Candyland. We thought it would be fun to try to recreate this, and make it look a lot like the gameboard with the characters on it.

For the King Kandy costume, the outfit was hand-sewn with gold lamé fabric and gold sequined fabric, with red and white striped fabric for the sleeves. We added felt cookie shapes to the chest area, as well as a jumbo chenille stem candy cane belt. We used a knitted cupcake hat to make the headpiece, and attached it to a styrofoam ring which we painted white and added stripes made from red duct tape and red marker. The headpiece was then worn over a candy pink wig. We made a beard for him to wear out of pink fun fur, which we doubled and sandwiched over thin elastic cord, which he wore lightly over his snout. We added candy cane striped stockings, which we cut to fit his legs. For his scepter, we got a small faux cupcake in matching colors, and attached it to a dowel which we stuck into a container and covered with white model magic.

For the Princess Lolly costume, the outfit was hand-sewn from pink satin with silver trim around the arms and neck. There were also lollipops hand appliqued onto the bottom of the dress in different colors. We again used a styrofoam ring for the headpiece, this time painting it silver. We then stuck clay lollipops into the styrofoam, making a ring around it. This was then worn over a pink wig with ringlets. We also added pink shoe socks we had purchased, pink sticky felt cheeks, and a foam lollipop to hold.

For the background, we drew the castle and Candyland sign onto posterboard and painted them to match the colors on the real thing. We also tried to recreate the path on the gameboard. We used construction paper in the various colors, which we glued together and trimmed one at a time, until it formed a path complete with curves. We tried to make the pattern of the colors the same as they have on the real gameboard. For the lollipop trees, we cut circles out of colored posterboard, which we glued into disc shapes. We covered each one with iridescent cellophane and tied it with curling ribbon, for the wrapper. We then attached the discs to dowels, which we stuck into containers to hold them up. We covered each containers with tissue paper, to try to make them look like gumdrops.

The Candyland costumes were a big hit. Everyone thought they were really funny, and reminded them of playing Candyland as children.

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