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Dress Up Like Corpse Bride

Corpse Bride is an animated musical fantasy movie that was created by Tim Burton and released in 2005.

The film tells the story of Victoria Everglot and Victor Van Dort and their arranged marriage.

While practicing his wedding vows, Victor puts the wedding ring onto a tree root - but the tree root is actually the finger of a corpse named Emily.

Emily was murdered years before but now tells Victor she is his wife since he said the vows and placed the ring onto her finger.

They were due to be married,
Though they never before met.
His parents were thrilled,
Hers were filled with regret.
But in a moment of panic,
Victor desperately fled
and by a grave misunderstanding,
married the corpse bride instead.

The story continues between the Land of the Dead and the Land of the Living and eventually Emily releases Victor so that he can marry Victoria and Emily transforms into hundreds of butterflies and flies peacefully away into eternity.

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