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Your Costume Contest Entries

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Deluxe Yoshi Character Costume 
This is the fictional green dragon character named Yoshi, from the Super Mario Brothers video game. My daughter requested that I make this costume for …

I was stumped for a costume idea this year. I knew I didn't want a store bought generic costume. Looking around for inspiration, I spotted a book on Ancient …

Original Demon Costumes Not rated yet
These Demon costumes were an idea my daughter came up with. She drew designs for these demons for Halloween costumes that could be reused to wear at a …

Three Blind Mice Costumes Not rated yet
You probably recognize the "Three Blind Mice" from the popular nursery rhyme: Three blind mice. Three blind mice. See how they run. See how they …

One Night Stand Costume Not rated yet
This is one clever meme inspired Halloween costume and it's fun and easy to create. I am obviously dressed up as a nightstand, but not just any old nightstand! …

Zombie Family Not rated yet
A Zombie is not exactly original but they came out pretty darn good! The total cost for all four of us was about $30 for two of our outfits at the thrift …

Homeless Big Bird & Elmo Costume Not rated yet
Made the yellow Big Bird mask, added the feathers, torn pants, shirt, tie (with PBS logo and Sesame Street on it with money) an old coat, and orange socks …

Headless Ghosts of the 1700s Not rated yet
This photo is of our dogs Aladdin and Phoenix dressed up as Headless Ghosts of the 1700s. When first starting to work on this, we began by thinking about …

Locutus of Borg (Cyborg) Costume Not rated yet
My name is Kenny Broyles, and I've always been a huge fan of technology! I've always been good with wires (I have thousands of random wires I've collected …