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Dasani Zombie Costume

by Jennifer Garza
(Austin, Texas)

Dasani Zombie

Dasani Zombie

My Dasani Zombie costume is one you won't find anywhere. I wanted to be completely unique and a bite freaky too! I decided to stage a water bottle coming out of my head. It freaked everyone out! It looked too real.

All you need is some face paint and brush, some spirit gum and remover and some fake flesh.

Just cut the plastic Dasani water bottle at an angle and use the fake flesh to smooth out the sharp edge of the bottle so it doesn't cut you. Apply with spirit gum adhesive. It should firm up in about 5 minutes.

Add a bit more fake flesh and be sure to smooth the edges.

Next, just create your own zombie look with some makeup and voila, you've got Dasani Zombie!

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