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Learn How To Look Like A Dead Doll

Dressing up as a Dead Doll is frighteningly fun with these helpful do-it-yourself makeup tutorials and creepy costume tips.

Is there anything more spooky or creepy than an old doll?

Maybe it's missing an eye, some hair, or an arm or a leg…

Use your own imagine to create your one-of-a-kind dead doll costume and get some help with the videos below on creating your dead doll makeup.

Dead Doll characterstics:

  • Pale skin with darkened eyes
  • Maybe some rotten or decayed flesh
  • Bloody facial scars and wounds
  • Tattered dark dress
  • Ratty hair

DIY Dead Doll Makeup Tutorials

Sexy Chucky Doll makeup:

Living Dead Doll makeup:

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