Wicked Halloween Costume Ideas, Enchanting Tricks & Delicious Treats

Events Where People Dress Up

Getting dressed up as your favorite character or in your favorite costume isn't only for Halloween trick-or-treating!

There are many times during the year when people like to celebrate and escape ordinary life for a while by dressing up and taking on a new persona.

Elaborate Costumes at Festa de Santo Tomas in Guatemala

Elaborate Costumes at Festa de Santo Tomas in Guatemala

For me personally, this is the main reason why I LOVE Halloween - you can be whatever you want to be and nobody is going to look at you funny or say anything to make fun of you. It can be a very liberating experience to assume a new (and different) personality - even if only for a few hours or an entire day.

I think it's great that many events exist throughout the year - at times other than Halloween season - because more of us can experience the joy and excitement of costuming year-round.

Here's a ever-growing list of events from around the world where people like to get dressed up and become a different person: