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Everything is Awesome!!!

by Maria Deniz
(Los Angeles, CA)

Emmet, Unikitty and Wyldstyle Costumes

Emmet, Unikitty and Wyldstyle Costumes

Everything is Awesome Costumes

My kids get real excited about Halloween, which as as kid, I never did, but now I do!!!

They debated for a while what to be for Halloween, at one point, I thought it was going to be Elsa and Anna, my oldest was thinking Maleficent, which I was secretly rooting for, haha, but since they are big Lego fans, and just love the Lego movie, they went with Wyldsytle and Unikitty.

Next, was asking the 'master builder' (my brother, their uncle) for help with the costumes!!!

We then recruited his little boy as Emmet!

My brother started on the costumes in late September, working on them every weekend in October.

He used cardboard (lots of it!), foam, glue, spray paint, duct tape, school glue, hot glue gun, adhesive spray, markers, construction paper, 2 wheels, and craft sticks.

The final touches were black, yellow, and pink gloves, and magenta and teal extensions for Wyldstyle's hair.

The whole process was fun, crafting out the bodies and details, such as the zipper and graffitti-looking streaks on Wyldstle, and the pen, vest, etc on Emmet.

Emmet's badge actually hangs!!

The best part was with out a doubt, Halloween day/night and all the ooohs and ahhhs Emmet and Wydlstyle got, but Unikitty definitely was the attention getter. I think since this Unikitty costume is so big and walks, and just is so colorful and happy!

You can't see Unikitty and not smile!!!

Their costumes were beyond unique!

On Halloween night, we saw tons of Batmans and Princesses, but no other Lego costumes!!!

It was truly an awesome Halloween!!!

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