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Dress Like Flo

Dressing up like Flo from Progressive Insurance is easy with these clever costume ideas and DIY makeup tutorials.

Flo is the popular character first introduced by Progressive Insurance in 2008. Popular comedian and actress Stephanie Courtney plays Flo in the iconic and memorable television commercials.

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To look like Flo, you'll need:

  • Heavy makeup with arched eyebrows and "cat eyes"
  • A retro puff hairstyle with blue headband
  • White pants, white collared shirt and a white apron
  • A "Flo" name tag and a "I love insurance" pin
  • Thin brown wristwatch
  • To act extremely upbeat and enthusiastic

DIY Flo Makeup Tutorials

Flo the Progressive Lady, Zombie Flo, Unicorn Flo and Alien Flo makeup tutorials:

The Flo look along with some alternative makeup styles and how to style Flo's hair:

Progressive Insurance Commercials starring Flo

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