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Geisha Costume & Makeup Tips

Geisha are traditional Japanese female entertainers and performing artists. Geiko, which is another name for geisha, refers to those from Kyoto, in western Japan. You also might hear the term maiko when reading about geisha.

Maiko refers to those girls who are under 21 and enter a year-long geisha apprenticeship. Women older than 21 may also choose to enter the geisha community and they also must endure a year-long training - but those entering as maiko will eventually enjoy more prestige.

The Geisha - Shrouded in Mystery

Next to the colorful kimonos, the white full-face makeup and elaborate hair (with kanzashi - hair ornaments) are the most distinguishing characteristics of a geisha.

Actually, it is the apprentice geisha (maiko) who wears thick white makeup with bright red lipstick. More established geisha wear much more subdued clothing, makeup and hair - saving the white makeup for special performances.

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