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How To Look Like Gene Simmons

Dressing up just like Gene Simmons from KISS (aka The Demon) is easy with this incredible costume that includes a studded vest with attached wings and silver spikes. This outfit does not include the platform boots (as seen above), but they may be purchased separately.

Gene Simmons (bass guitar) is the stage name for Chaim Witz who was born in Haifa, Israel on August 25, 1949. Along with Paul Stanley (vocals and guitar), he co-founded the ultimate rock band KISS in the early 1970s in New York City.

The band was soon completed with members Peter Criss (drums) and Ace Frehley (lead guitar).

Early on, KISS went through many iterations until they settled upon each member creating their own persona with makeup and elaborate costumes.

Because of his love of comic books and science fiction, Gene settled on the bat-like demon costume and makeup.

To look like Gene Simmons, you'll want:

  • Long, frizzy dark hair with a single ponytail on top and in front
  • White face makeup, with a black v (think exaggerated widow's peak) and pronged, black batwings over each eye
  • Black lips
  • Black bodysuit with studs and a black studded cod piece
  • Studded black wings
  • Black choker
  • Black platform boots (Godzilla or demon-themed)
  • For dramatic affect, you may want to chew on some blood caps
  • A long serpent-like tongue

I've always been a fan of Americana, and Americana has always been about imagery, often above content. I think there's nothing wrong with that. The world worships this culture. Most people only think about America in terms of rock & roll, movies and television. Kiss is very all-American, in the sense that our constituency has never had anything in common with critics… because our power, our lifeblood, our very reason for existence is our fans. Without them, we'd be nothing.
~ Gene Simmons

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