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Glowing Firefly Costume

by Darcy Reaver
(Palm City, FL USA)

Glowing Firefly Costume

Glowing Firefly Costume

Glowing Firefly Costume
My Adorable Firefly
Firefly Costume Wings

I have lived in south Florida most of my life, but there were a couple of summers that I spent up north where they have fireflies. I was so jealous because we don't have them where we live. I have always loved and collected bugs. Fireflies are one of my favorites.

I wanted to create this costume because of my fondness for fireflies and because I have never seen a firefly costume, let alone a homemade one!

To begin, I made a dress from a crochet tube top and strips of tulle. My dress has three rows of tulle.

Next, I made a sleeveless vest to fit over the dress. The vest is open at the bottom of the back for the tail to show through.

I used a crochet headband for a belt. The firefly tail is attached to this belt. The tail is made from a 2 liter plastic bottle covered with a tube of green lycra. I put black ribbon over the lycra to give the tail a segmented look. To illuminate the tail I slipped glow sticks into the bottle.

The headpiece is made from another tube top that I gathered at one end. The antennae are pipe cleaners and pingpong balls. The eyes are made from fabric softener lids that I painted black and glued to the headpiece.

The firefly wings are made from wire that I covered in nylon hose and painted with watered down acrylic paint. They have elastic loops that slip over the shoulders.

This is a simple and inexpensive costume to make. The crochet tubes and headbands are available at most craft stores, as is rolls of 6 inch tulle.

People got a chuckle from seeing our little firefly running around with her glowing tail.

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Oct 01, 2014
by: Anonymous

How did you attach the 2 liter bottle to the belt?


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