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Valka (How to Train Your Dragon) Costume

Valka Costume: How To Train Your DragonIn an effort to keep cost down and try to reduce the vast amounts of supplies I already own, I decided to make this

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Everything is Awesome!!!

Everything is Awesome CostumesMy kids get real excited about Halloween, which as as kid, I never did, but now I do!!! They debated for a while what to

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Marshmallow Frozen Snowmonster Costume

Homemade Marshmallow CostumeThis Marshmallow costume is one that I designed for myself! I wanted to challenge myself by trying all new materials that

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Sock Monkey Cat Costume

Dress Your Pet As A Sock MonkeyThis is my cat Nimrod dressed up as a Sock Monkey. I will say she is quite the good sport when it comes to getting dressed

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Cruella De Vil

Cruella De Vil OutfitMy daughter wanted to be Cruella and the best Cruella at that! Cruella, the rich Londoner from Disney's The Hundred and One Dalmatians

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Bloody Decaying ZombieSince the whole craze with the Walking Dead began, we wanted to join in the fun and make our version of a zombie costume. My husband

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Spy vs Spy Costumes

Homemade Spy vs. Spy CostumesWhen I was a kid I loved reading Mad Magazine and loved Spy vs. Spy comics, so I decided to make these costumes. I made both

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Pixar Lamp Costume

DIY Pixar Lamp CostumeIntroducing the cute and quirky lamp from Pixar. I created this homemade costume for my granddaughter, but it could also be made

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Bunnies in Magician Hats Costumes

Magician's Hat Bunny CostumesI wanted to make a costume that would stand out and that people would enjoy while we go out on our annual trick-or-treating

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Jake Sully Avatar Warrior Costume

Jake Sully Avatar Warrior stands 8 feet tall and towers over fans at the Comic-Con costume contest. With homemade stilts built to look like big blue feet

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Iron Man Suit Made From Yoga Mats

How To Make A Foam Iron Man CostumeI have been working on this Iron Man costume for over a year-and-a-half now and I love spending time on this project.

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Spooky Witch Doctor Cooking Up Shrunken Head Illusion Costumes

Witch Doctor Costume with Shrunken Heads: Step-By-StepWhen we were trying to pick costumes for our golden retrievers Phoenix and Gryphon to wear, we thought

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Colorful "Horton Hears a Who!" Who Costumes

Homemade Horton Hears A Who! Dog CostumesFor Halloween this year, we wanted to dress our golden retrievers Phoenix and Gryphon as something cute and colorful.

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Anna from Frozen

Anna Costume How-ToI created this Anna costume dress with a pattern I found online. It was easy to make for the most part (sewing required). The patterns

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Pumpkin Patch Scarecrow

My Homemade Pumpkin Patch Scarecrow CostumeI made this spooky costume for my five year old son Reid Garcia. My husband has a scarecrow costume from a

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