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Cool Hamster Costumes

This fun-loving costume includes head and paws, necklace, sweatshirt, pants and shoes are sold separately.

Looking for a fun and unique costume idea that is sure to get lots of attention?

Why not dress up as a hamster?

Hamsters are actually rodents that have become popular house pets. It seems like everyone has a pet hamster or two while growing up - I know I did!

Some pop culture hamster characters, that you might be familiar with, include:

  • Hamtaro - from Manga/Anime
  • Rick - friend of Kirby
  • Boo - the miniature giant space hamster (Minsc's pet in both Baldur's Gate and Baldur's Gate II)
  • Hammy Hamster - from Tales of the Riverbank
  • Zhu Zhu Pets (formerly known as Go Go Hamsters)
  • The Hamster Dance

Fun Hamster Videos

The Hamster Dance:

DIY Costume for Your Hamster:

Kia Hamster Costume Idea:

Kia Soul "This or That" Commercial:

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