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Henna Designs and Tattoo Videos

Learn more about the art and application of henna with these inspiring videos.

Henna is an English term from the Arabic word which references a flowering plant, or tree. Henna is also used to describe the dye that is used for temporary skin tattooing and body art, which is also made from this plant.

The world over, henna has been used for centuries to temporarily adorn hair, hands, feet, arms, and fingernails for various social celebrations.

Unlike a traditional tattoo that uses a needle to pierce the skin and inject ink, applying henna is more like dyeing, or staining, of the skin. It is temporary and the dyeing effect can remain for only a few days or perhaps as long as a month.

Some factors that determine how long a henna tattoo will last include:

  • The quality of the henna paste that is applied
  • The skin type and complexion involved
  • And most importantly, the length of time the paste is allowed to stay in contact with the skin during the application (can range from only a few minutes to hours to overnight)

It is important to know that a whole, unbroken leaf will not stain the skin. There are molecules, called lawsone molecules, which are only released from the henna leaf after it is ground up and mixed with a slightly acidic liquid. It's this molecule actually does the staining once it comes into contact with the skin.

As the paste becomes dry it can easily be brushed from the skin. The initial henna stain will have an orange hue, but over the course of a few days it will darken to a reddish brown.

Henna Design Videos

Moroccan Inspired Bridal Henna Design

How to Make a Bridal Henna Mehendi Design

Quick and Easy Floral Hand Design

Mehandi Hand Design

Floral Foot Design

Demo Foot Application

14 Tips on How to Get a Dark Henna Stain?

How To Mix Henna

Mixing, Thinning and Coning Henna:

Ingredients: henna powder, lemon juice, white sugar, henna oil (or essential oils), spoon, spatula, essential oil pipette, glass mixing bowl

Add a couple of spoonfuls of henna powder, then add a little lemon juice and stir. Add lemon juice until paste is slightly thicker than mashed potatoes. It is better to mix in small batches to get the right consistency. Add a little sugar and this will help keep the henna from drying too quickly and it also helps the henna come out of the applicator/cone more easily. Consistency now should be thick and slimy. Let henna sit for at least 6 to 8 hours or even over night. Cover and store it in a warm location if possible.

How to Make Henna Cones

Rolling a Henna Cone with Cellophane:

Aftercare for Henna Designs

Generally, you want 2 parts white sugar and 1 part lemon juice and mix into a thick syrup - it shouldn't be too runny or too thick. If you get too much lemon juice and not enough sugar, your design may quickly separate.

Once your design becomes dry to the touch and forms a crust, it is ready for you to apply the sugar and lemon juice mixture. Lightly dab the mixture on your henna design with a Q-tip until it is covered. You may also apply it with a spray bottle, just make sure the nozzle is wide enough to allow the sugar to pass.

Once the design is completely covered, you can apply cotton (from separated cotton balls) which will stick to the mixture. Alternatively, you can apply a latex-free paper tape to cover the design and keep it in place.