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Homemade Donkey Kong Costume

by Darcy Reaver
(Palm City, FL USA)

Homemade Donkey Kong Costume

Homemade Donkey Kong Costume

Homemade Donkey Kong Costume
Creative Donkey Kong Costume
Fun with Donkey Kong
Donkey Kong Costume Sketches

This a Donkey Kong costume I made.

The base of the head piece is paper mache. I covered the base with batting and then the brown fabric. I stuffed bits of fiber fill into the peak of the pointed area on top of the head.

The mouth was added over the brown fabric. I made a separate upper and lower lip. The lips were hand sewn onto the brown fabric. After attaching the lips, I stuffed the mouth with fiberfill. I covered the opening of the mouth with white fabric sewing it in place.

After the white fabric was in place I penciled in teeth. Then I painted over the pencil marks with black acrylic paint.

The area of black behind the eyes is a sheer black fabric to see through. The eyeballs a re-stuffed circles of fabric with black painted pupils. The eye brows were sewn on, as were the nose and ears.

There is a bike helmet inside the head to keep it in place while being worn.

To get the right size and proportion for the the head, i looked for images of the character and printed out one I liked. I made a rough sketch of the expression that I wanted him to have. I opted for the toothy grin!

I also made rough sketches for the body and hands. After measuring my body, I then estimated the size I needed to make the various character parts.

The head piece was difficult as most of it is hand sewn. The body is a one piece jumpsuit type costume piece. However, I had to make really large arms and tiny legs to keep the character in proportion to the actual video game character.

The feet are made like slippers. The hands were made to be almost as big as the headpiece and are kind of like boxing gloves.

This is a difficult DIY costume project and definitely not for a beginner. It took me several weeks to make. I hope you enjoy it!!

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Apr 14, 2016
donkey kong NEW
by: Anonymous

This guy is phenomenal! Do you ever rent him? I am in charge of a 3 minute dance/skit in a variety show that parents put on for the graduating high school senior kids. I have been teaching 30 parents a hip hop dance to Uptown Funk. We are all dressed like Mario Brothers characters and one of my dad's wants to be Donkey Kong. There are no costumes we can buy or rent (which surprises me) and although I am very creative, I do not have your skill set ;o)

If I can't rent your beautiful gorilla, can you give me a few suggestions on how to put a costume together.

You're awesome. Thanks,

Suzy (Rocky River, OH)

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