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Homemade Rapunzel Costume

by Meredith
(Sammamish, WA, USA)

Rapunzel Sitting Gracefully

Rapunzel Sitting Gracefully

Rapunzel Sitting Gracefully
Rapunzel's Dress: front and back views
Rapunzle and Flynn Rider
Princess close up and Rapunzel armed with her Frying pan

This year I decided that I wanted to be Rapunzel for Halloween and I also knew that I wanted to sew my costume. I started the process by researching Rapunzel costumes and sketching out how I wanted my dress to work.

Then I got to go to Joann Fabrics and pick out the perfect fabrics to create my dress. I also found a pattern that was close to how I wanted the dress to look. I loved getting to look at all the beautiful fabrics and matching them to create the perfect Rapunzel-Tangled dress.

I started sewing my costume in the beginning of October and I worked really hard on my dress - I put in 25+ hours of sewing!

The pattern that I had did not look exactly how I envisioned my dress, so my sewing teacher helped me alter the top to put in a section that I would be able to gather and lace up just like Rapunzel's.

She also helped me change the neckline of the dress so it was sweet heart shaped just like Rapunzel's. After I had finished sewing the dress on my machine, I hand-sewed on some lace and ribbons to make it look more like Rapunzel's dress from the movie Tangled.

To complete my costume and the "Tangled" look, I ordered some fake hair that matched my hair color. I braided it and attached it to a clip so that I could wear the braid in my hair.

I got a bunch a pink and purple flowers form the craft store that I hot glued to clips to put in my braid and wear in my hair.

I loved this costume so much! It was really fun to show off a costume I worked so hard to make and was really proud of. I also enjoyed having really, really long hair for the night. A couple of people even asked me if it was my real hair!

I got some many compliments on my costume and I loved being able to dress up as my favorite Disney princess. Everyone also thought it was really adorable that my little brother decided to dress up as Flynn Rider to match me.

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