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Hot Air Balloon Costume

by Jenn Erickson
(Pacific Grove, CA)

Hot AIr Balloon Costume

Hot AIr Balloon Costume

Hot AIr Balloon Costume
Homemade Hot Air Balloon Costume

Last year my friend Maureen blew everyone away with the Hot Air Balloon costume she crafted for her daughter. Maureen was delighted to share her inspiration, her tips and how-to for this absolutely delightful costume that is sure to "carry you away..."

Hot Air Balloon Costume DIY:

  • XL Balloon
  • Basket
  • Ribbon
  • Yarn - off white, 'bumpy' yarn
  • Old dress with straps that you don't mind cutting up. Works best with straps that adjust (like overalls)
  • 4 Brown paper lunch bags
  • Jacket
  • Scarf
  • Knit hat
  • Kids scuba mask

1.) I found a 36" balloon at First Impressions Party Supplies in Monterey. (I was told this type of balloon is typically used for car lots when they want to advertise a big sale..)

Note from the Rookery: our favorite online source for specialty and big ol' knock-your-socks off balloons is "Balloon Lovers Corner".

2.) I bought a basket at Michael's craft store (half off!) and cut a hole in the bottom to fit around my daughter's hips.

3.) I took an old dress with straps, and hot glued the bottom of the dress to the bottom of the basket. This way, my daughter could 'wear' the basket and it would stay upright.

4.) I tied yarn to the basket and fastened it to the knot at the base of the balloon to make it seem as if the rope was holding up the basket.

5.) To make stripes on the balloon, I used colored ribbon & carefully double taped them from top to bottom.

6.) For sandbags, I crumbled and stuffed four brown paper lunch bags each with a plastic grocery bag (so it would be light) and hung them off the four corners of the basket.

7.) To give my daughter an 'aviator' look, I dressed her in a jean jacket to hide the strapped dress, added a scarf and fastened a kiddie scuba mask (that I painted black) to a knit hat.

So there you go! I think that's everything!

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