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Iron Man Suit Made From Yoga Mats

by Hayden Adams
(Alpine, Utah, USA)

Iron Man Suit at Comic-Con

Iron Man Suit at Comic-Con

Iron Man Suit at Comic-Con
Iron Man Costume at Make-A-Wish
Iron Man at College
Iron Man Costume Before Paint Job

How To Make A Foam Iron Man Costume

I have been working on this Iron Man costume for over a year-and-a-half now and I love spending time on this project.

I think one of my favorite things about this suit is how much I make people's days when I walk around with it on.

I built this Iron Man costume (from yoga mats I bought at Ross) because my 5-year-old nephew and I were watching the Avengers and he thought it would be so cool to have the suit and I thought, "Yeah it would be."

I tried to determine the best way to create this costume and found a unique way of building it.

That way was out of flexible foam and 3D programming. I made a 3D-scan of my body and then scanned a suit from the movie and layed it over the top of my body on the computer.

Next, I placed it in a 3D-program for Origami and I made templates of each piece, cut those out, laid them on the foam mats, and cut them out on those.

Then I hot glued them all together which was easier said then done.

The helmet was one of the hardest things to build.

It is the focus point, so I had to make sure it was incredible. I used sunglasses and LED lights and wired them to the helmet while making a coat wire hanger into hinges for the face plate to open and close.

Then, I sprayed the whole thing in Plasti-Dip which is a rubber coating. I painted it and wired electronics from headlamps for the hands.

I also took a old Axe hair gel container and made the arc reactor in the middle. I used silver acrylic paint all over it to give it the battle damage that makes it look like steel.

It is always super funny when I see people come up just to touch me and see if the suit is steel.

Ha ha!

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