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Left 4 Dead Makeup Ideas

Left 4 Dead (L4D) is a first-person shooter style video game franchise set in a zombie apocalypse.

Using the following makeup tutorials, learn how to look like your favorite L4D character such as The Witch, The Spitter and The Hunter.

L4D Witch Costume Makeup photo

Left 4 Dead: The Witch

DIY Left 4 Dead Makeup Tutorial: The Witch

The Witch has a high sensitivity to light and her growls are warnings of an impending attack. She is young thin woman with extremely pale skin and long straight platinum-blonde hair that reaches her shoulders. Her eyes are sunken and red and her mouth is bloody and full of sharp teeth. She doesn't wear any shoes and is dressed in a tattered white tank top and shorts. The witch has distinctively mutated blood stained claws for fingers and her knees and feet are stained with bruises, dirt and blood.

L4D Spitter Costume Makeup photo

Left 4 Dead: The Spitter

DIY Makeup Tutorial:
L4D - The Spitter

The Spitter debuted in Left 4 Dead 2. She has special mutations that allow her to spit out balls of mutated stomach acid that spread into pools when they hit the ground. The Spitter's outfit is a stained gold lamé bra with tattered dark blue capris pants and she wears her chestnut brown hair in low pigtails. The insides of her neck are exposed while her lower jaw, cheeks and nose seem to have mostly eroded or composed of rotten skin; she tends to hack and gurgle alot.

DIY Makeup Tutorial:
L4D - The Hunter

The Hunter does not look as mutated as the other Special Infected. He wears dark brown pants and faded blue hoodie. The hood of his sweatshirt is always pulled down so it covers his face. His eyes glow with a reflective white light and the skin around them has rotted.

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