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Mardi Gras Costume Ideas

Look here for fun and exciting ideas for Mardi Gras costumes, masks and awesome do-it-yourself makeup tutorials!

But first, a little history. What is Mardi Gras anyway?

Mardi Gras is French for Fat Tuesday. This is a descriptive term for the tradition of eating a rich and fatty meal on the last night before the fasting season of Lent which begins the following day, Ash Wednesday.

As the season of Lent is a religious practice, Mardi Gras is celebrated around the world, from Belgium to Germany, Brazil to the United States. It is closely related to Carnival, which is another popular religious and festive season that happens just before Lent.

While Mardi Gras celebrations can be found in cities throughout the U.S., they are primarily focused in the southeastern states of Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana. With the French Quarter in New Orleans being the most well-known center of celebration.

Mardi Gras Makeup and Face Painting Tutorials

DIY Mask Face Paint Tutorial:

Mardi Gras or Carnival-inspired makeup tutorial:

Elegant Masquerade Mask Makeup Tutorial:

Make Your Own Mardi Gras Masks

Learn how to make this Venetian Mardi Gras Mask at home:

DIY Homemade Feather Mardi Gras Mask:

Make a Marie Antionette Style Carnival Mask:

Mardi Gras Inspired Nail Art

More Mardi Gras Outfits and Accessories (beads, boas, wigs, etc.)

Mardi Gras Parade

Video highlights from the 2012 New Orleans Mardi Gras parade in the French Quarter and on Canal Street: