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Cool Medusa Makeup & Costume Ideas

Are you interested in dressing up as character that everyone is sure to know and recognize? It can be awkward and frustrating if you put a lot of time and energy into creating the perfect costume but you have to explain it to everyone you see.

This is one great suggestion - and you probably won't have to worry about someone else in the same outfit!

You can dress up as Medusa, the infamous Greek mythological monster (aka Gorgon) with poisonous snakes in her hair, who could quickly turn her onlookers to stone.

The Mythology of Medusa

Mythological Medusa Costume Suggestions:

  • Long, flowing dress
  • Exotic makeup with smoky eyes
  • Snake headpiece or wig
  • Snake scepter or staff

DIY Medusa Makeup Tutorials

DIY Medusa Costume Accessories

Medusa's Crown of Snakes

Medusa Snake Hair

Glittered Snake Barrettes

Medusa Hair

Homemade Medusa Costumes

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