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DIY Mutated Zombie

The best tips and tutorials to help you get dressed up to look like a mutated zombie!

All you need is some tattered and torn clothes, deformed body parts and some rotting, bloody flesh!

When creating your own zombie character, you can be as unusual and creative as your mind allows. Watch these videos for inspiration on how to create your very own unique mutated zombie identity.

The first video below has lots of interesting parts: learn how to make a realistic gaping neck wound, a bloody head wound and a sunken eye!

DIY Mutated Zombie Makeup Tutorials

This video uses only prosthetic gelatin which is applied to the face in layers. The gel peels off rather easily and dissolves quickly in water, in case you get some in your hair.

How to make your own cheap homemade prosthetic gel:

No stain, non-sticky recipe for making your own fake blood:

How to look like a Zombie Hag:

Mutant Zombie Mouth (inspired by The Walking Dead):

Mutated and decaying zombie makeup:

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