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One Night Stand Costume

by Jeremy
(Albuquerque, New Mexico)

One Night Stand Costume

One Night Stand Costume

This is one clever meme inspired Halloween costume and it's fun and easy to create. I am obviously dressed up as a nightstand, but not just any old nightstand!

The costume is me, dressed as a "One Night Stand." Pretty good huh?

For the table top, I used a simple piece of plywood, not too big, it was about 2ft x 2ft. I draped an old brown tablecloth and drew in a drawer with a black sharpie marker. For the knob, I just attached an old cabinet knob that I had laying around.

You'll need to make sure and cut a hold in the center of the plywood, large enough to fit your head through.

Now for the really fun part, making your "One Night Stand" trashy!

I found an old trashy, romance novel, an old wristwatch, a pack of cigarettes with an ash tray, a pack of condoms, an little battery operated lamp and large box of Kleenex which I used to cover my head.

Simply attach the items to the top of the table (on top of the cloth), that way, as your moving around, nothing will slip off! You can simply tape the items (duct tape works extremely well) or glue them if you know you have no other use and want to reclaim or recycle any of these items.

People got a huge kick out of the fact that the lamp actually worked!

I found that placing some old towels on my shoulders helped pad the table top and made it much more comfortable to wear for extended periods.

It's also really easy to slip in and out of this costume, since everything's attached just slip it over your head and after some minor adjusting, you should be good to go.

Enjoy and come up with your very own homemade One Night Stand costume!

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