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Original Demon Costumes

by Darcy Reaver
(Palm City, Florida, USA)

Winged Demon Costume

Winged Demon Costume

Winged Demon Costume
Medieval Winged Demon Costume
Two Demons
Making the Demon Costume

These Demon costumes were an idea my daughter came up with. She drew designs for these demons for Halloween costumes that could be reused to wear at a Medieval Festival. She wanted to be a fantasy figure based on fears and superstitions of people during Medieval times. Many people go as fairies, so she wanted to be what she considered to be the opposite. Her demon concept is almost like a "bad" fairy.

Using her sketches as a guide, I started with the bottom layer. She wanted her costume to be skin tight, but not too revealing. I made a form fitting body suit that fit like a leotard, matching leggings and a separate cowl. After the pieces were fitted to her form, I had her put the pieces on and I hand painted all the scales using black acrylic craft paint. Then she removed the articles when the paint had dried (she stood up and watched a movie for a couple of hours for fear of smudging the paints).

After the black paint was dry enough, I hung up or stuffed the body pieces with plastic bags and added silver highlights to all the scales.

My daughter's blue demon costume has two versions. One has a corset made from cutting the tops off of thrift store lace up boots and using these boot tops as a corset.The other version has a corset that I made with a stretch satin. She liked the second version better because I used heavy duty wire in it and it gave her more the shape she wanted.

My daughter made the horns herself. She was taking a pottery class at the time and made these out of oven baked clay. She ran a leather cord through holes that she made in the bottom of the horns. The horns are just tied on like a headband at the back of the head.

The fangs were bought through a theater company, but they were too large so I trimmed them down to look more natural.

The make up is Ben Nye pancake powder. My kids came up with the facial designs themselves.

I made several versions of the wings. All the versions were made from fabrics that I dyed and hand painted veins onto. The difference between the versions was the materials I used for the frame work. I tried wire and I tried a 1/4 inch flexible PVC. Either type worked. I was trying to make them as light as possible, but not flimsy. All the wings have shoulder straps and just slip over the arms to be worn like a back pack.

We bought thrift store boots and jewelry. My daughter made her headband out of scrap fabric and attached a medallion that she made out of clay.

The gloves and belts were also thrift store finds.

When all the pieces were done and the kids put on all the pieces together for the first time, it was so exciting to see how everything came together. My daughter was very happy with the finished costumes. She was especially pleased with the fact that no on else had a costume like her original designs.

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