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Panda Bear Costumes

When most people think of a panda bear, they think of the giant panda that is native to central and southern China. They're easy to recognize with the large black patches surrounding their eyes along with their small black ears and the otherwise white head.

Learn how to look like a panda with these helpful videos.

DIY Panda Makeup Tutorials

Simple cute and cuddly panda makeup - including makeup, hair and costume:

Panda face painting Halloween makeup with full white face and black panda eyes:

Creating the easy panda face:

Awesome Panda Costumes

Homemade Panda outfit - black and white fleece cape:

And matching fleece shorts:

Make Your Own Quick and Easy Panda Ears Headband:

Giant Panda Bear:

How To Make Homemade Panda Masks

Simple panda bear mask:

Foam Latex Panda Nose Prosthetic Mask:

Cute Panda Nail Art Tutorials

More Panda Suits and Costume Ideas