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Rainbow Brite Costume & Makeup Ideas

Find out how to dress up as Rainbow Brite with these helpful makeup tutorials and costume tips.

Rainbow Brite was a popular animated television series during the mid-80's, as well as one feature-length movie, Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealer, which was released in 1985. The Rainbow Brite character was originally created by Hallmark Cards.

The story revolves around a young orphan named Wisp who is taken into the Colorless World. Her journey requires her to find the Sphere of Light and during her adventure, she meets a beautiful white horse named Starlite.

One by one, she rescues seven Color Kids (one for each color in a rainbow) and is able to bring color to the Colorless World because she found the magical Color Belt. She uses this belt to defeat the evil forces and is then renamed, Rainbow Brite. She now lives in Rainbow Land and along with the Color Kids, is responsible for all the colors in the world.

Hey Glumface, next time there's a rainbow, look up! You'll feel better and you might see me too.
~ Rainbow Brite

Who is Rainbow Brite?

  • A young orphan girl named Wisp
  • Friend of Starlite, the magnificent horse and Kitty Brite and Puppy Brite
  • Assisted by Twink, Moonglow and Tickled Pink
  • A hero that travels the world with her Color Belt and Star Scepter to bring hope and happiness to all

DIY Rainbow Brite Makeup Tutorials

Rainbow eyes and rainbow lips makeup:

Homemade Rainbow Brite Costume

Rainbow Brite Nail Art tutorial:

Rainbow Brite Videos

The Beginning of Rainbow Land:

Brand New Day sing-a-long:

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