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Ryuk Costume and Makeup Ideas

Death Note is a popular anime series by writer Tsugumi Ohba and manga artist Takeshi Obata and Ryuk is one of the main characters.

Death Note - Light Meets Ryuk:

Ryuk is Shinigami - which literally translates into "death god". When you are creating your own Ryuk look - keep in mind that there are no physical differences between male and female Shinigami.

As death god's, it is the Shinigami's purpose to end life and all must possess at least one Death Note, which is a requirement for them to prolong their own lives.

DIY Ryuk from Death Note Makeup Tutorial:

The Death Note is actually a notebook with supernatural powers that allows the Shinigami to prematurely end the lives of humans and add any remaining years from that human to their own lifespan.

Other Shinigami include Rem, Gelus and Sidoh.

How to Make Your Own Ryuk Mask from Death Note:

Ryuk at DragonCon:

Ryuk Happy Apple Dance at ComiCon:

Ryuk Loves Apples