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Screwed Zombie Makeup

by Pete

Zombie with a Major Headache

Zombie with a Major Headache

Zombie with a Major Headache
Screwed Zombie Makeup
Zombie with burned cheek
Zombie with skinned chin and giant screw in his forehead

We did a zombie theme for Halloween at work this year, so for a change I actually decided to dress up. Now don't get me wrong, I love Halloween and getting dressed up in all sorts of different costumes, but it's usually challenging for me to pull it off early in the morning!

This was my first time experimenting with zombie makeup and I didn't have a particular "look" in mind that I was going for. I just wanted it to look good and be gory - that's not too much to ask now, is it?

I visited my local costume shop here in California and luckily they had everything I needed. I picked up some liquid latex, fake blood, various makeup palettes, and my pièce de résistance, a giant screw prosthetic - ouch, that had to hurt!!

I used some black makeup to darken around my eyes because no zombie would be caught dead roaming around without dark and sunken eyes.

I used some red makeup to create a long scar down the entire left side of my face.

On my right cheek I applied three layers of liquid latex along with layers of tissue paper to add some texture. I used red and brown makeup to give it a bruised and burned appearance.

On my left cheek, I added two layers of liquid latex and then after it dried, peeled it up a little. I then added some fake blood and colored the area around it with yellow and brown makeup to give it the appearance of a fresh wound.

I also want to try and create some "peeling" skin, so on my chin I again added 3 or 4 layers of liquid latex along with some tissue paper. Once it tried I peeled it back to make it look like my chin bone was exposed and bloody.

The giant screw was added last. I attached it to my forehead with some spirit gum and then used some red, brown and blue makeup around it to make the skin look bruised. And of course, more fake blood.

I had an old hoodie sweatshirt that I just slice up the sleeves to make it look tattered.

Overall, I was very pleased with the look, especially considering I didn't exactly know what I was doing and I didn't have a particular "zombie look" in mind that I was going for.

Hope to keep experimenting and getting better with my character makeup application.

Happy Halloween everyone!

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