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Ideas for Skylander's Adventure Costumes

All Fired Up!

Invited by Eon - the Portal Master - to be become a Skylander, this purple magical dragon will use his powers to his advantage and become one of the strongest leaders in the fight against evil. Spyro's outfit includes a purple scaly skin jumpsuit, attached wings, a full dragon mask, molded hand and foot coverings.

No Gold, No Glory!

Your best gremlin pal with a gunslinging solution to a every problem. Trigger Happy's outfit includes a printed jumpsuit, a full character mask, and over-sized hand covers with attached shooters.

Fear the Fish!

Looking for adventure, Gill joined the Gillmen Military and always works hard to fend off evil. He loves to sing, but not many others appreciate his talent. Gill Grunt's outfit includes a printed blue-green jumpsuit, a cool Gill Grunt character mask.

These are officially licensed Skylanders costumes.

Skylander's Spyro Adventure

Nintendo released this popular video game in 2011 and it was an instant smash. The game characters are classified according to 8 elements: Magic, Water, Fire, Earth, Wind, Life, Tech, and Undead. Characters must enter the game through the "Portal of Power."

Learn more about "The Beginning" of the Skylanders story in this video:

Skylanders: Giants is the next game release in the series. Watch the official Tall Tales Giants trailer:

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