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Spy vs Spy Costumes

by Lori A.
(Island Lake, IL)

Homemade Spy vs. Spy Costumes

Homemade Spy vs. Spy Costumes

Homemade Spy vs. Spy Costumes
Black Spy vs. White Spy
DIY Spy vs. Spy Costumes

Homemade Spy vs. Spy Costumes

When I was a kid I loved reading Mad Magazine and loved Spy vs. Spy comics, so I decided to make these costumes.

I made both the black and white body outfits by hand (2pc each). I bought 2 large summer hats at Dollar Tree and put fabric (from remanants) on them with hot glue.

As for each of the heads and faces, those were made from car rooftop foam - I put fabric over them - coned it and hot glued.

Then with thin foam colored sheets I cut and hot glued the mouths on. I cut out eye areas and put tulle in the inside, then attached the head/faces to the hats.

For the shoes, I had old slip-in shoes to wear and created a cover out of colored thin foam sheets to make them look most like the characters boots.

For the fake TNT explosive, I used cardboard and stuffed it with fiber fill to stiffen it and added red fabric on it with white letters. The wick was a straw painted black with hot glue inside to harden it.

I used a small ball painted black for the other fake bomb and used the same idea from the TNT for its wick.

I did not use a pattern, nor sewing machine.

I really enjoyed making these Black Spy and White Spy costumes. The people who saw them gave many compliments on how great they both looked.

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Dec 07, 2014
Super cool
by: Anonymous

What a great idea, I always loved these characters A++++. Great job

Dec 05, 2014
by: Anonymous

Love how they look, most people would recognize them, so cool.

Dec 03, 2014
by: Anonymous

Really cool!

Dec 02, 2014
Just Mad about these costumes
by: Alfred E. Neuman

When I saw these costumes it really brought me back to my childhood. They really look like the comic characters. A+++

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