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Unbelievable Magician Sawing his Assistant in Half Costumes

by Bonnie and Beth
(Plainview, NY)

Phoenix the Magician with his Assistant Gryphon

Phoenix the Magician with his Assistant Gryphon

Phoenix the Magician with his Assistant Gryphon
The Magic Box Being Painted
The Magician's costume
Creating the Stage Curtains

It’s time for the Halloween Golden Magic Show! Master Magician Phoenix the Phenomenal is showing off his latest trick. He sawed his little assistant, 8 week old Gryphon, right down the middle. Abracadabra, Gryphon is in two! But don’t worry, Phoenix will soon put Gryphon back together again!

We love to name our golden retrievers magical names, since they are so special and magical. Both Phoenix and Gryphon are named after magical birds - Phoenix is the bird that rises from the ashes and Gryphon is half eagle and half lion. Since they are so magical, we thought a magic show would be perfect to create with them. Next we had to decide what magic trick to portray. We wanted to create something with a cool illusion that would fool the eye, at least for a minute. So we decided on the sawing in half illusion. This illusion is very famous and popular with actual magicians, but we hadn’t seen it recreated with dogs before, so we thought it would be something a little different.

We started with the magician outfit. We purchased a human child size magician outfit online, and altered it a little to fit a dog, also adding a carnation to the lapel. We also got a silk top hat and added a red ribbon band that matched the outfit. We added white gloves to the sleeves, to get the classic magician hand look. We stuffed the gloves, arms and shoulders with stuffing to make it look real. We then tied a magic wand to one glove and a foam saw to the other, using fishing line. Next we used silver stretchy sequin trim to make the magician assistant’s wrist bands and headband. We just cut the trim to fit and glued the ends together. We added a feather to the headband.

For the magic boxes, we used two identical cartons. We painted them red with a gold border, using masking tape to make even lines while painting. We also glued on gold wrapping paper diamonds in the center of each side. We cut holes in one side of each box for the head and back end to stick out of. For the back end, we used a golden retriever stuffed animal, which we arranged inside the box. We left the other box open until the last minute, so we could put the puppy inside and close the top lightly with duct tape. We were then able to take the puppy in and out, whenever he needed a break.

Finally, we made the curtains by attaching curtain window panels and a valence to a long dowel. We used wire to hold them in place and then hung it with fishing line on each end, so it could be moved and hung anywhere.

Everyone seemed to love the dog’s outfits. Our friends fell over laughing and thought it was adorable. The puppy was only 8 weeks old, so sometimes he was a sleeping assistant, but nobody seemed to mind. It was a lot of fun.

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