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Zombie Bride Costume Makeup Ideas

You'll be the envy of the all in the land of the living dead when dressed in this tattered and blood-stained bridal gown.

You have lots of choices and room for being creative when dressing up as a zombie bride.

There's the bloody and gory look of the new zombie or the wretched, rotten decaying look of the rotting zombie.

Anyway you go, matching your own zombie makeup with the innocence of a bride's dress is sure to get some attention.

Some ideas to help you capture your own inner-zombie:

  • Pale skin with darkened, sunken eyes
  • Hollowed-out cheeks
  • Fake blood dripping from scars and scabs
  • Greenish, purplish rotten skin
  • Pale and colorless lips with blackened, rotten teeth

Watch these awesome makeup tutorials to get some ideas and inspiration for creating your own unique character!

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